Fatty watching himself on TV

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    My cat watching himself when he was a kitten on my TV. He was enthralled!

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    1. Hay Kranen ages ago | reply

      Thanks a lot for releasing this picture under a Creative Commons BY-license!
      Your choice of a free license has allowed us to use your image in
      Wikimedia Commons, the central image repository
      for (among other projects) Wikipedia.
      Your image is now available here.

    2. Karen 818 ages ago | reply

      great shot!!!! makes you wonder if he knows it's him as a kitten??

      Because your cat is royalty

    3. Peter Chen (Blog*Star) ages ago | reply

      I have used your photo in my blog post satellite TV.

      Please check and let me know if you want anything changed.


    4. Peter Chen (Blog*Star) ages ago | reply


      I have used your photo in my blog post satellite TV.

      Please check and let me know if you want anything changed.


    5. fair spring [deleted] ages ago | reply

      fatty? awww haha
      my cats watch the tv too its so cute when watching motobike racing they lean for the corners!

      Because your cat is royalty

    6. laura's worlds 120 months ago | reply

      Photo: ROAR
      Cat: ROAR
      From the amiaowzing group.

    7. Wicked Cat 119 months ago | reply

      Is he really watching T.V??? So Cute...

    8. Trpster* 113 months ago | reply

      Seen in the Amiaowzing pool

    9. zl3cat 107 months ago | reply


      (The attribution is less than ideal but still better than hiding it in an html comment..)

    10. YDOB 106 months ago | reply

      Want to let you know I used this photo on my daily tips blog with credit:


      Thank you!

    11. AboutVetMed 101 months ago | reply

      LOVE this photo! Very cute. I used it for this blog post:
      Vets and Pets in the News

      Thank you for the Creative Commons license.

    12. ovidiusoft 98 months ago | reply

      I used this photo here:


      Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!


    13. thompson.angie59 94 months ago | reply

      Our cat likes to watch tv no matter what is on.

    14. Royboy5858 93 months ago | reply

      Is the cat really named Fatty? I used this picture on my web page www.direct-tv-universe.com/direct-tv-receivers.html and gave your a link and attribution. Feel free to link to my page/site if you wish.



    15. StepUpFinance.com 72 months ago | reply

      Great photo Cloudzilla, thanks for allowing us to use this on our Blog.
      Image credit has been given to you with an active link back to your site, trust this is OK.
      We look forward to seeing some more of your work.
      Regards from all at SUF.

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