Unidentified Soldier With Handlebar Mustache

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    Photograph taken by Monaco Foto in San Francisco, California.

    1. Abaraphobia 34 months ago | reply

      A dashing young fellow!! :)

    2. bootpainter 34 months ago | reply

      beautiful, that hand in repose, and his challenging stare.

    3. Rita was here...but not so much anymore 34 months ago | reply

      A great, clear photo. I love his hand. I just have a thing for hands and arms. I bet he had nice arms.

    4. clotho98 34 months ago | reply

      I just love that pinkie ring he's wearing too. The checkered cuffs on his shirt underneath the jacket don't look very regulation, though.

      I wonder if he was a soldier on leave. San Francisco was a pretty wild place during that time period.

    5. bootpainter 34 months ago | reply

      I read years and years ago the pinkie ring wearing is a sign of a very healthy interest in ..Oh, I forget what, but I know it's very healthy!; )

    6. Rita was here...but not so much anymore 34 months ago | reply

      Isn't it still?

      p.s. love the new icon!

    7. clotho98 34 months ago | reply

      A very healthy interest in... jewelry? ;)

      Thank you! It is colorful!

    8. Mrs Inman - Popping In & Out 34 months ago | reply

      Handsome chap. I think pinkie rings on men nowdays must be different than it was back then. The only men I see wearing them now also like necklaces and bad hairstyles. :-)

    9. bootpainter 34 months ago | reply

      or they are married men whose fingers are chubbier than when they got married...

    10. Mrs Inman - Popping In & Out 34 months ago | reply

      If my husband chose to wear his wedding ring on his pinkie instead of having it resized, we'd have issues. :-)

    11. bootpainter 34 months ago | reply

      my ex- used to have to remove his for Martial arts... but he used to leave it off a lot, anyway.Better than misplacing it in a changing room.He can melt it down for a platinum butt plug now for all I care.

    12. Rita was here...but not so much anymore 34 months ago | reply

      That's a three pointer, for sure. ;-)

    13. INUTSI 34 months ago | reply

      What kind of uniform is this?

    14. clotho98 32 months ago | reply

      There was no identification, so I'm not sure what the uniform is. Cavalry, maybe? Whatever it was, I don't think that checkered shirt he's wearing underneath was regulation. (You can see it on the cuffs.)

    15. hliguy 31 months ago | reply

      After careful research and tossing of coins, I have determined that the fellow in your photo is infantry and most likely stationed at San Francisco's Presidio. He has corporal stripes on his upper sleeves and enlistment stripes on his cuffs. It appears that he was heading for a life's career in the army. I have also consulted with several other militaria collectors and the consensus is that platinum butt plugs were non-regulation and private purchase only. Brass was standard issue, but fell out of favor due to corrosion.

    16. clotho98 31 months ago | reply

      I have been to Presidio, and worked for the military, near there (in Sacramento), but I believe by that time they had switched to titanium. Around the time this photo would have been taken, celluloid was in use for a short period, but tended to break and/or burst into flames, and was deemed unsafe.

    17. hliguy 31 months ago | reply

      I stand corrected. Perhaps that is where the expression "the hot seat" came from?

    18. sixpounder 14 months ago | reply

      The 5-button sack coat used by US Army in several patterns from 1870s until 1902 when blue was eliminated for service dress (altho plenty of photos show soldiers wearing this coat well after that date).
      Curved chevrons were adopted in 1872 and used until 1904 when chevrons were inverted to point up.
      This pattern button was adopted in 1885 and was regulation until 1902.

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