1800s - Five Nightgown Ladies - or - Five Nightgown Men (You Decide)

Five older Victorian-era women, sitting on a bench wearing nightgowns and nightcaps.


I have no idea what's going on in this picture. Could it be from a sanitorium, hospital, or a poor house? A gaggle of Old Maids? Mormon wives? Mail order brides? Is this a Victorian cheesecake photo? Victorian Fight Club? Whatever this is, they don't seem to be completely happy about it.


They look pretty masculine, but back then, older women did tend to take on that look. I guess it could possibly be men dressed as women. Maybe it was some type of fraternity prank. Personally, I don't think so. Their hands look too feminine, and something about them just feels female to me.

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  • Rita 5y

    Victorian cheesecake sounds right.
  • clotho98 5y

    I think the one on the end at the left looks so embarrassed.
  • jinterwas 5y

    LOL! What a great find! Really superb! To be honest, I'm not sure if the ladies are all real ladies. Some of them (the first three, starting from the left) look quite masculine to me. Somehow it seems to me as if the second 'lady' from the left is wearing a wig too. Or maybe it's just me who needs to visit the optician :)) !!
  • clotho98 5y

    At first I thought it was men as well. But they have very feminine looking hands.
  • dennis dahn 5y

    This is a difficult one for sure. I think men (at least #2 and #3 from left).Really great find.
  • bootpainter 5y

    Looked for adam's apples,but, nope.. obscured by bows..the one who looks embarrassed is a dead ringer for Charlie Higson, a British comedian. I just reposted a pic of an old postcard, for reasons of gender confusion..
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