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GTDmobile with Moleskine Dock | by Juggling Frogs (clkl)
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GTDmobile with Moleskine Dock

[UPDATE (5/25/07): See GTDmobile 2.0: The Whiplash Edition at ]


I put this cart together to be able to use the laptop and do "desk things" in multiple places in the house without duplicating supplies. It spends the night next to my bed, and gets pulled up to my desk during the day. It can also be wheeled into my closet if I need to hide it from view.


The "Moleskine Dock" (hereafter called "MD") bag (on the left hand side of the picture) is a pouch made from a waist-apron, sewn when folded in half, with grommets at the top to attach bungee ball cords. The bungee cords go around my waist, so I can walk around the house and have the notebook and some pens attached to me. It can also go around my neck.


We have a three storey house, and I kept having to run to a different floor to get the notebook. I only wear the MD around the house, because it's not exactly a fashion accessory. It has brought me much relief from both from forgetting to write things down, and from having to remember "why am I in this room?"


The GTDmoblie parks at my bedside at night, allowing me reach the MD (for those deeply profound inspirations that inevitably sound more like "don't forget to bring the carwash coupons" or "thank Amy", rather than "love is a verb" or "e=mc squared", but nevertheless must be excised from the worry plane before sleep can resume...) I used to keep the Moleskine on a bedside table, but kept spilling my glass of water on it when I reached out at night.


The bungee ball cords attach and detatch quickly without having to work a clasp or tie. This lets the MD get tossed quickly in a backpack or hung on the GTDmobile at night.


(This is the same type of Container Store cart used in the Supply-mobile)

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Taken on March 5, 2007