• XYRON machine. It applies a repositionable sticker adhesive to the back of things. It's much more convenient and neater than a glue-stick, but it is expensive to use. I get the refils from www.stickermaker.com.
  • Moleskine Large Squared notebook
  • Upcoming Outlook weekly calendar, printed 4 to a page, run through the XYRON machine and attached to the notebook page.
  • Little white index tab attached to the right hand side of the page with the weekly calendar, with the Sunday date on it (2/25).

    (Hard to see in the this picture)
  • Removable tabs on the tops of the pages that have ongoing lists. @context lists, or frequently used references
  • I use the same page-numbering system as the Talmud (but in English!)

    After leaving the first page blank, for use as a table of contents, I number the remaining right hand sides of the pages from 1-119. When I want to refer to the back of the page, I use a "B". (e.g. page 11B)
  • This is a standard 30-up return address label page (eg. Avery 5160) with the recurring/routine to-do list items.

    The text direction is reversed in Word, so that the tasks are listed vertically, about a dozen per label. Different weekdays have different labels.
  • I store a few of these on the back, near the pocket, for writing things to give to others, for temporary lists, etc.
  • These are removable.
  • These are permanent.
  • Here is one of the label (held vertically) task lists on today's page
  • Here is a label (held horizontally), with the daily checklists and first three priorities for the day
  • Today's priority lists went longer than 3 items...
  • I switched to the next notebook mid-week, so this is a fraction of the previous week (Thursday - Saturday).

    I usually use a notebook for about a month. These Moleskine Large books have 120 pages.
  • I also use this to quickly put business cards, catalog clippings, quickly printed photos of the kids, package labels, and what-all in the notebook.

    I especially like being able to snip a couple of products and the "Key code" or "Free Delivery code" from a catalog and then to throw it away.
  • Outlook Calendar, weekly view, printed landscape, 4 pages per sheet.
  • Another nice thing about the XYRON-made stickers: The adhesive is thinner than any glue or tape, so the pages don't fan too much as the book fills. This puts less pressure on the spine.

    Also, I sometimes make a "sticker" of something (my business card, for example) and can store for later.
  • It's a bit misleading to show these blank pages, because most of these notebooks are filled with my handwriting, not these pasted-in labels or pieces of paper.

    I wanted to show and share the scheduling tools that I have found helpful. Most of the notebook is made of handwriting, not printouts.
  • I switched to the next notebook today, so it seemed a good time to show the setup.
  • The return address labels should fit in the pocket sized Moleskine notebooks and on index cards, too.

My hybrid system, using a Moleskine Large Squared notebook, mailing label checklists, Outlook and a XYRON machine

Newer Older

My calendar is printed 4/page from Outlook, weekly view.

(Although there are multiple calendar week pages printed in the example I printed for this picture, I usually only print one (the upcoming week) at a time. This allows me to use Outlook and my Palm for future planning, but to draw on the most updated printouts in my notebook.)

I cut these out and run them through a XYRON machine. This allows me to write on the whole sticker, with no taped edges.

(I had the XYRON in the house. I'm not suggesting buying it for this purpose. The same effect is easily (but less conveniently) produced with a glue stick.)

The page with the calendar is marked with a little white tab on the right hand side of the page.

Recurring daily tasks are printed on a standard 30-up mailing label sheet, in a relatively small (8 pt.) font with the text direction adjusted, such that the tasks are viewed with the mailing label held vertically.

I use the number zero as a "checkbox" before each item, with a space separating it from the task description. This way, I can list a dozen recurring checklist items on a mailing label, rather than three or four.

Friday's checklist is different than Monday through Thursday. This system makes a specific weekday schedule easy to configure and remember.

I have a different mailing label held in the regular (horizontal) fashion, printed with some personal checklist items (also using the character zero, "0", as a checkbox), with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 listed for the top three priorities of the day.

Thus, for each morning, I stick two mailing labels on the page; one vertically (the recurring task list routines) and one horizontally (personal checklist with space to record top 3 priorities). This allows me to use the pages of the notebook in an open-ended yet waste-free fashion, without having to know in advance how many pages each page needs.

I take a lot of notes, so I like having the entire "rest of the book" available at all times.

The multi-colored tabs are for the tops of the pages of on-going lists, @contexts, etc. They are removable. The little white tabs are much less removable, so they work best for the weekly schedules, which are permanently in one place.

I keep all this stuff in my GTDmobile.

(I also print a copy of the Outlook calendar for our refrigerator.)


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  1. hesitant interest [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Nice ideas, please post some pictures with a higher zoom-level ;D

  2. Juggling Frogs (clkl) ages ago | reply

    Thanks for looking! The xyron and the labels have made things so much simpler for me.

    @Ratpoison: I snapped a picture of today's lists with a better zoom for you here: www.flickr.com/photos/clkl/399843731/.

    Today is Friday, my most complicated day of the week, so I use multiple task list labels. The other weekdays have just the two (one vertical, one horizontal.)

  3. wenzday01 ages ago | reply

    Wow, I really like your system! I might try adopting it to my own needs. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Tricia@cheeky attitude ages ago | reply

    awesome! The vertical label checklist is genius. I've been trying to figure out a way to get repeating tasks in my face daily. I have a smaller xyron and love it.

  5. Morgaine Swann ages ago | reply

    Hmm - I'm digging the idea of the checklists for repetitive tasks. I'll have to see how I can use that.

    Your system is a thing of beauty. I've only reached that level of organization a few times in my life, but I'm determined to get back there, ha ha!

  6. claspingwalnut ages ago | reply

    The label idea is very original and interesting!

  7. Juggling Frogs (clkl) ages ago | reply

    Thanks, everyone, for all the kind words. It works very well for me. I hope it is helpful for you, too!

  8. anselm23 ages ago | reply

    Now this is awesome. I have much to do in organization-fu, I see.

  9. SewPixie ages ago | reply

    brilliant! The labels for the recurring tasks is just the tip of the iceberg on how genuis you are!

  10. Juggling Frogs (clkl) ages ago | reply

    Hmmmm... "Genius"..... I like the sound of that!

    Thank you!

  11. digitalis ages ago | reply

    I love your setup! Thanks so much for posting it (and for posting a closer zoom).

  12. edelmak ages ago | reply

    Wow....great system, Carolyn. I have already started to incorporate some of your techniques....brilliant.

    Thanks for posting it!

  13. Juggling Frogs (clkl) ages ago | reply

    That's fantastic! I'm really glad it was helpful.

  14. emooreathome ages ago | reply

    I love your system. I saw it a couple of months ago and just searched to find it again. What size do your calendars print out? And what size is your XYRON?

  15. Juggling Frogs (clkl) ages ago | reply


    Thank you! I print weekly calendars in landscape format from Outlook, setting the printer's options to 4 per page. The Xyron is the 510 model, 5.1" wide. (I bought it, and my supplies from www.stickermaker.com.)

    All the best,

  16. mjyo ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm mike and I am an admin for a group called Routines and Rituals, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group. We'd also love for you to join too.

  17. The European 110 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Your Moleskine, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    I agree that is so cool and creative !!

  18. captcreate 99 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Open notebooks, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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