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My hybrid system, using a Moleskine Large Squared notebook, mailing label checklists, Outlook and a XYRON machine | by Juggling Frogs (clkl)
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My hybrid system, using a Moleskine Large Squared notebook, mailing label checklists, Outlook and a XYRON machine

My calendar is printed 4/page from Outlook, weekly view.


(Although there are multiple calendar week pages printed in the example I printed for this picture, I usually only print one (the upcoming week) at a time. This allows me to use Outlook and my Palm for future planning, but to draw on the most updated printouts in my notebook.)


I cut these out and run them through a XYRON machine. This allows me to write on the whole sticker, with no taped edges.


(I had the XYRON in the house. I'm not suggesting buying it for this purpose. The same effect is easily (but less conveniently) produced with a glue stick.)


The page with the calendar is marked with a little white tab on the right hand side of the page.


Recurring daily tasks are printed on a standard 30-up mailing label sheet, in a relatively small (8 pt.) font with the text direction adjusted, such that the tasks are viewed with the mailing label held vertically.


I use the number zero as a "checkbox" before each item, with a space separating it from the task description. This way, I can list a dozen recurring checklist items on a mailing label, rather than three or four.


Friday's checklist is different than Monday through Thursday. This system makes a specific weekday schedule easy to configure and remember.


I have a different mailing label held in the regular (horizontal) fashion, printed with some personal checklist items (also using the character zero, "0", as a checkbox), with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 listed for the top three priorities of the day.


Thus, for each morning, I stick two mailing labels on the page; one vertically (the recurring task list routines) and one horizontally (personal checklist with space to record top 3 priorities). This allows me to use the pages of the notebook in an open-ended yet waste-free fashion, without having to know in advance how many pages each page needs.


I take a lot of notes, so I like having the entire "rest of the book" available at all times.


The multi-colored tabs are for the tops of the pages of on-going lists, @contexts, etc. They are removable. The little white tabs are much less removable, so they work best for the weekly schedules, which are permanently in one place.


I keep all this stuff in my GTDmobile.


(I also print a copy of the Outlook calendar for our refrigerator.)

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Taken on February 22, 2007