3d pan white

Damsel 100% crop

Another pic from the same set. I just wondered how he would look at 100%....


I actually prefer the previously posted picture overall, but I think that this is an Amazing view of this creature - certainly one that you don't get with the naked eye - so here you go.


Equipment note:


There are a lot of comments on the net about the EOS 50D not being any better than the 40D. A lot of the critisism says that doesn't resolve more detail than the 40D because 'it's not as sharp at pixel level' and 'it's too noisey'. It's true that it's less forgiving of incorrect exposure and it does require setting up carefully and the files do require more work than the 40D, but the the plain fact is that it's got 20% more resolution than the 40D and it shows. If you want detail for cropping or for very large printsThe 50D is a cracking camera!


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Taken in August 2009