• Issue date is the same date as this new N series passport was launched.

New N Series Australian Passport

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Media Statement - 28th May 2009
Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith, today launched Australia's new N Series passport.

The passport continues Australia's reputation as a world leader in the development and production of secure travel documentation.

The N Series passport is the culmination of a highly successful partnership between Government and business to continually improve Australia's passport.

Each passport incorporates state-of-the-art technology to help curb identity fraud and possible misuse.

It was designed and manufactured by Note Printing Australia, applying the same expertise and technologies developed in printing Australia's bank notes.

The N Series features images of Australia printed throughout the document making every visa page unique. This has resulted in a passport which is very difficult to falsify through page substitution or tampering.

The passport continues to use a laminate developed exclusively for Australian travel documents by the 3M Company.

This laminate incorporates several new tamper-resistant technologies to assist international border control authorities to distinguish the document as a genuine Australian passport.

The N Series incorporates Active Authentication technology on the Radio Frequency Identification chip, developed in cooperation with Sharp Corporation.

This technology enables border inspection authorities to determine that the data is being read from the genuine original chip and not a copy or clone.

It also provides an additional level of confidence to passport holders that their personal details contained on the chip are secure.

The N Series passport will also use carbon neutral environmentally friendly paper.


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  1. Down Under Photography 70 months ago | reply

    That was great timing, hey? I managed to get one of the 1st of these new N series passports for my son. I can't believe that I timed that nicely and he got it issued on the same day it was launched.

  2. oldmancu 70 months ago | reply

    Realy nice angle on the shot!

    We have RFIDs in our UK passports as well, if you accidentally put them in the microwave for a few seconds or a hammer accidentally drops on them, they become inactive.

    I wouldn't try it if you're planning a trip to Orlando .-)

  3. abus345 70 months ago | reply

    Since you included so much description, it would be appropriate to include image of all the pages as well. That way we will be to visually match description. I haven't seen any image of N series pass pages.

  4. chopraankit 70 months ago | reply

    Hi,please try and upload a few more images of it,if possible.The new N series looks beautiful.

  5. Down Under Photography 70 months ago | reply

    Now you can see every page of this passport on my stream.

  6. rosemn63 70 months ago | reply

    Thanks for uploading image of pages. Certainly looks unique.

  7. tadmur 65 months ago | reply

    Very cool! I love passports for some reason.

    Is the photo page made out of hard plastic? I think most of the EU passports are plastic for the photo page... Canada is still in the stone age... it's just paper. At least it's digitally printed. We're getting a new epassport in a couple years, I'm excited to see what it looks like.

  8. Down Under Photography 65 months ago | reply

    @tadmur: no, it's not a hard plastic. It's paper covered in some kind of plastic. The centre page has an electronic chip inside which also holds some data. I guess when going abroad, immigration can check whether the info on the chip corresponds to the info on the main page.


  9. tadmur 65 months ago | reply

    I'm undecided on whether I like the plastic ID part or not.. It's cool because it looks more official and you can laser engrave details in it and all kinds of other neat security features... but it might be harder to travel with. The nice thing with my paper passport is it bends and folds easily in my pocket/bottom of backpack.

    Pros and Cons I suppose.

  10. Long Tang 60 months ago | reply

    Hi, I just got mine today. Is your First name (Given Name) comes first on top and the last name ( Family name) come second at the bottom ? Mine come as Last name first and First name Last , Its strange!

  11. Down Under Photography 60 months ago | reply

    Long Tang This is same as yours ie. Last name first and First name last.

  12. Hanyi® 57 months ago | reply

    Hi u! It's really nice pic! I love it so much!

  13. bankalar34 21 months ago | reply

    It looks very nice, thank you

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  14. dudukatar 21 months ago | reply

    It looks very nice, thank you


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