3d pan white

1929 - Mabel, Mark Prophet - (b&w)

Mabel, Mark.


car, hats.

black and white. from Dad.


Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.




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Mabel Coon Prophet, my great-grandmother (mom's dad's mom). Born 6/14/1880 in Lafayette, WI. Died 1/21/1949 in Chippewa Falls, WI.

Daughter of Mark "Marquis de Lafayette" and Wilhelmina (Minnie) Caroline

Wife of Thomas S.

Mother of Mark Prophet

Sister of Will

Half sister of Edith Louise Wilhelmina.


Mark Prophet is Clint's granddad (mom's dad), who started his own cult, The Summit Lighthouse.

To see how he is viewed via cult members, look at his official church page: web.archive.org/web/20080622195145/http://www.tsl.org/Mas...

To see how he is viewed via ex-cult members, read Mark Prophet, The Man And The Myth, reposted at my uncle's blog: www.blacksunjournal.com/mark-prophet/1463_mark-prophet-th...


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