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20120814 - Oranjello vs. mouse - the mouse lost - IMG_4812 | by Clio CJS
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20120814 - Oranjello vs. mouse - the mouse lost - IMG_4812

Sucks to be you, mouse.


blood, dead mouse, metal tin, reflection.



kitchen, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


August 14, 2012.


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BACKSTORY: The cats had been intersted in the "under the stove" area again lately, so Clint had removed the pots-and-pans drawer to allow them better access (as well as to place some roach bait traps... Though it's been record time since we've seen a roach, so they might be gone). Anyway, this led to Oranjello catching another mouse: The 28th mouse in our 13.5 years ofliving here. Oranjello is a good mouser, but then he brings them upstairs which is a bit disturbing. This time, he brought it back downstairs after showing it to us upstairs. It almost escaped, but Clint and Oranjello ran him into the corner of the open pantry door. "Grab me something to catch him in!", Clint yelled to Carolyn. She found this metal tin, and Clint was able to scoop it up into the tin, which seemed to also coincide with its moment of death, putting it out of its slow-cat-torture misery. It was bleeding from the mouth pretty profusely. Poor thing. However: One less house pest. Thank you, Oranjello. P.S. Dear Lemonjello: Why are you useless? Catch a mouse sometime!

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Taken on August 14, 2012