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20120728 3 2008 - WSHS '92 20 Year Reunion - 360 video - MVI_4793 (640x480) (mjpeg) (11kHz snd)

It was a lot more crowded than we were expecting.


[Accidentally uploaded this twice... First one was viewed 10 times before I noticed and deleted it.]


Carolyn, Richie.


TV, balloons, people, televisions.

360-degree panoramic.


Crystal City Sports Pub, bar, Arlington, Virginia.


July 28, 2012.


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BACKSTORY: Clint's 20-year high school reunion. He regretted not going to his 10th, so he made sure to go to his 20th. We had a better time than we expected... And for $10, it was an amazing amount of awesome food. However... Clint could only count about 13 people that he actually remembered. He was expecting to remember a lot more than that... But maybe the ones he remembered more didn't show up asmuch. A lot of the faces and names were familiar... But remembering who the people actually were? It was a lifetime ago. A very surreal night.

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Uploaded on August 17, 2012