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20120719 - old mattress - 3 - waterbed frame - IMG_4629

The waterbed frame we got from Clint's sister, Britt.


You can see the 8-track player (~$2 yard sale purchase) that pipes in analog music from Clint's computer in the other room. It's like a faucet. You turn it on, and get music. In the rare (1 or 2 days a year) event the computer is crashed, you turn it to FM radio. The speakers hang from the plant-holders that were on the ceiling when we moved on. It's covered with duct tape to keep its evil light from escaping into the dark bedroom. I had to label the knobs with a sharpie. That's a Kenny Rogers/Dollie Mae duet 8-track in there. The yardsale folks gave it to me for free, becuase I told them I wanted to own at least one instance of this outdated medium.


You can also see the Vick's VapoRub (VapoSteam) vaporizer/humidifier that Carolyn uses to make her sinuses feel better. It was $2 at a yard sale, but costs $28 (sale) / $48 (list) if you buy it new. Plus, Carolyn makes her own solution from it -- MUCH cheaper to buy the ingredients and mix them yourself!


mirror, stereo, waterbed frame.


bedroom, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


July 19, 2012.


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BACKSTORY: The craigslist posting for this yardsale mentioned a queen size mattress & box springs for $25. So when we got there, we inquired and exchanged information in case she didn't sell it. We called a few days later, and she still had it. She was moving to California, so she didn't need the mattress anymore. We asked her when she was leaving, so that we could do the extra-nice step of getting it after her last night of sleeping in Virginia. So we took 2 of our cars and drove over there again to get it. When we got there, she changed her mind about the price and gave it to us for free because she would have had to pay to have someone pick it up. Win!


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Taken on July 19, 2012