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I swear this one guy was high. He was 55-65ish, grey/white hair, and had the best taste in dvd collecting I've ever seen, 10X more so for a whitehead: Super Troopers, Space Ghost Coast To Coast, Mr. Show, Spaced (UK), Jackass.


I paid about a dollar each for these, though I think a couple ended up being free.


I mentioned that I'd pay $5 for VHS players (which is no longer the case, my new price ceiling is $3), and he went inside for a LONG time to look at one. I really didn't want to wait and kinda just wanted to drive off. He held me hostage. He came out all smiley and was talking about how I'm his twin and think just like him. They also had a bag of My Little Ponies that we got. In the end, I was like.... "That guy MUST have been high. Really. WTF. He was so out of it. He knew he was having a yardsale and was still too lazy to put all his stuff out. Why does he have ponies?"


Anyway, in this day and age, I don't watch dvd quality. It's crap. It's the VHS of the present. But I got these so I could watch the dvd extras (which don't need to be high-def). Plus, some of these shows are so old you can't get them in hi-def anyway, making it a moot point.



TV show: Mr. Show. TV show: Spaced. cartoon: Space Ghost Coast To Coast. movie: Jackass. movie: Orgazmo. movie: Super Troopers.


upstairs, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


June 3, 2012.


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BACKSTORY: Full report of this yard sale expedition can be found at:


But in summary: 6hr33min trip of 69.1mi spending $93.32 on gas & 75 purchases worth $826.40. $126.17/hr saved.

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Taken on June 3, 2012