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20120517 2330 - parking ticket for a handicapped space - 2012051723304

No handicapped signs in front of our space. The attendent told us to park in a paid space.


Chrysler 300M 1999 car, parking kiosk, parking lot.


The Sonar, Baltimore, Maryland.


May 17, 2012.


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BACKSTORY: When we went to the Screeching Weasel concert at the Sonar, there was a parking attendent this time. Usually, it was free parking, but apparently now we have to pay $10. The parking attendent told us to move out of the spot we were in because he said it wasn't actually a spot and we'd be towed. He told us to move our car and pointed to some spaces. We parked and yelled out to him, "Here?" and he ignored us. Well, we did not notice that the space we parked in was a handicapped space. There was not a sign on our space, but there was apparently a sign in the space next to ours that said "handicapped zone" and had an arrow pointing towards our space, and another sign several spaces to the left. None of the spaces were painted with a handicapped symbol or maked in any special way to designate it as handicapped. So we were dismayed and upset when we got back to our car after the concert to discover a $502 ticket. Clint will be going to court to contest this. It was pretty much entrapment, combined with shitty signage, in a commuter lot that needs handicapped parking during the day, but is never full at night (handicapped people don't tend to go to concerts in droves). There were a bunch of other empty spaces. No actual handicapped person was hurt by us parking there, or helped by the government trying to get $502 out of us. Pure case of rules being exercised for rules sake: But in this case, we were made to move from another space to that space. WTF. I'd like to see them tow me from my original space, I had nestled in behind a column, figuring I'd do the lot service by taking a space nobody wanted and leaving a better space for people who can't park as well as I. No way any tow truck could have towed us from that original space. Nor did we know the parking attendant was actually a meter maid. Nor did we know there were kiosks, because they weren't there before. The meter maids are not supposed to purchase parking then give it to people. That is how he tricks us into thinking he worked for the club, not the city. He was paying people's $10 parking fees in advance at the kiosk, then handing out the passes as if he was an attendant working for the club. Maybe if I had to actually go the fucking kiosk, I'd have noticed tha handicapped sign hidden behind it.


Resolved: Fuck Baltimore; I'm not going to concerts there anymore. It is no longer worth it. I've already decided not to go to Jane's Addiction because of this. In the end, the city will lose more money than it ever tried to wrangle out of me, because I will no longer be patronizing their shitty shithole of a city. You shot yourself in the foot, fuckers.

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Taken on May 17, 2012