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20110402 2218 - Christie's Birthday Party - Christie - flicking off - (by the 8's) - GEDC5966

Achievement Unlocked: Subtle flick-off.



flicking off, sitting.



downstairs, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


April 2, 2011.

Pic by Christie.


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BACKSTORY: Christie's birthday party. About 19 people. 7 SubGeniuses! Made it til 5:30AM but 2 other people were up for a bit more. One of our smallest parties -- perhaps people were put off by a birthday party for someone they hadn't met. This party wins the record for glass smashed and drinks spilled, though. Clint even managed to wedge a beer in the spiral stairrailing such that people downstairs simply witnessed a stream of liquid pouring down from the ceiling onto our drums. Some jamming. Clint ran 6-pool-ball interference on an Air Hockey game. Then others caused pool balls to fly off into the room multiple times via other craziness. A lot of people left really early, even though company was over for 24 hours straight. One puzzling thing was that a lot of the regulars didn't show. Hey everybody... If I'm throwing a birthday party for someone at my house, and I invite you, show up even if you don't know the person, 'cause it will be fun anyway. ;)


Got these from Christie & 808's computer. They have a GE camera like ours, but a later model (A1455 vs A1230). (Note: Would not recommend mine!)

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