199902 - last found photo of both of my grandparents before they died

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    Last photograph of my grandparents together.

    James, Grandma.
    leaning, sitting.

    from Dad.

    Nanny and Grandad's house, Alexandria, Virginia.

    February, 1999.
    Nail art by Grandad.

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    James Bernard L, my grandfather (dad's dad). Born 2/18/1922 in Fairmont, WV. Died 12/18/2001 in Arlington, VA.
    Son of James and Minnie
    Husband of Maria Clara ("Ronnie")
    Father of Victor (dad)
    Brother of Arnold Ray, Lena May and Charles
    James Bernard L was a long-serving member of the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, and its Association. He joined the National Guard in 1936, then the 16th Infantry in 1940 at Fort Jay, New York. In the Allied landings in Africa in November, 1942, he was the Regimental Sergeant Major. He fought in Sicily and later, in the Normandy Invasion, as a Warrant Officer under General Omar Bradley. He continued with the 16th Infantry through France, the Battle of the Bulge, Germany and Czechoslovakia, earning a Silver Star.
    After the war, he served at Fort Knox, Kentucky, the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, Ft. Sam Houstin in San Antonio, TX, and the Adjutant Generals School, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, where he retired in 1960 as a CWO-4.
    James then became one of the strongest supporters of the Regimental Association, writing many articles and booklets produced by the Association, and was a contributor, editor, and participant in the production of the recent volume of the regiment's history, "Blood and Sacrifice."
    James was also an avid flag collector and member of NAVA, and a longtime philatelist.

    Ronnie L, born Maria Clara Rechen, is Clint's grandmother (dad's mom). Born 10/25/1918 in Lvov, Poland. Died 11/13/2003 in Alexandria, VA.
    Daughter of Jozefa and Jacob, she was the only survivor of the holocaust in her family. She was liberated from a work camp by Clint's grandfather (James Bernard L.), who stormed Normandy 20 minutes into the D-Day invasion.
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