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20110402 2305 - Christie's Birthday Party - Clint, Carolyn - being goofy - (by the 8's) - GEDC5974



The only way this would make sense would be if I was dribbling a basketball. I really have no clue what was going on here.


Carolyn, Clint.


Christmas lights.

bodily comedy. drunk. funny face.


downstairs, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


April 2, 2011.

Pic by Christie.


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BACKSTORY: Christie's birthday party. About 19 people. 7 SubGeniuses! Made it til 5:30AM but 2 other people were up fora bit more. One of our smallest parties -- perhaps people were put off by a birthday party for someone they hadn't met. This party wins the record for glass smashed and drinks spilled, though. Clint even managed to wedge a beer in the spiral stair railing such that people downstairs simply witnessed a stream of liquid pouring down from the ceiling onto our drums. Some jamming. Clint ran 6-pool-ball interference on an Air Hockey game. Then others caused pool balls to fly off into the room multiple times via other craziness. A lot of people left really early, even though company was over for 24 hours straight. One puzzling thing was that a lot of the regulars didn't show. Hey everybody... If I'm throwing a birthday party for someone at my house, and I invite you, show up even if you don't know the person, 'cause it will be fun anyway. ;)


Got thesefrom Christie & 808's computer. They have a GE camera like ours, but a later model (A1455 vs A1230). (Note: Would not recommend mine!)

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