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19840113 - my 10th birthday - Clint, Ronnie

Awesome pic of me and the computer I grew up with, an Apple 2+ with 48K of RAM (later upgraded by 16K to a total of 64K of ram.)


I think I am playing Aztec or Lode Runner...


The crazy thing is that I still have that chair (or one exactly like it)... and that dresser. The computer desk finally died in the mid-2000s.


Clint, Grandma.

leaning, sitting, standing, typing.

Apple IIPlus computer, chair, desk, dresser, lava lamp, racecar car.

comics: Spider-Man.

from Dad.


Mom and Dad's house, Woodbridge, Virginia.


January 13, 1984.


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Ronnie L, born Maria Clara Rechen, is Clint's grandmother (dad's mom). Born 10/25/1918 in Lvov, Poland. Died 11/13/2003 in Alexandria, VA.

Daughter of Jozefa and Jacob, she was the only survivor of the holocaust in her family. She was liberated from a work camp by Clint's grandfather (James Bernard L.), who stormed Normandy 20 minutes into the D-Day invasion.

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