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20110925 - cats vs. frog - IMG_3648 - Oranjello blocking the frog | by Clio CJS
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20110925 - cats vs. frog - IMG_3648 - Oranjello blocking the frog

Where do you think you're going?



Lemonjello the cat, Oranjello the cat, Oscar the frog.

You Shall Not Pass. captioned.


bathroom, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


September 25, 2011.


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BACKSTORY: After the Descendents concert, we were hanging out in the parking lot waiting for it to clear out a bit before heading to the next venue for the ALL concert. Some poor girl asked us if we had jumper cables, and of course we did. She was very grateful and said, "You are like the 50th person we asked!" (What's with people not carrying jumper cables anymore? You sad, unprepared fucks!)


Anyway, while Clint was helping them, he found a frog in the parking lot. Ok, actually a toad, but still. ALL has a song called Frog, and they talk about catching a frog, and the difficulties of trying to sell it. And now we had a frog! What are the odds. Clint tried to sell the frog, but nobody wanted to buy it, as predicted by the song. The frog in the song is named Oscar, so naturally, this frog's name is now Oscar.


Oscar had an eventful evening that night. He went from the parking lot at the Festival Pier in Philadelphia to a parking garage at the next venue, spent a night in New Jersey, came back to Virginia, met our kitties, and now lives in our back yard where he has a lot of space and a creek... And no parking lots or boats mosh pits.

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Taken on September 25, 2011