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20110925 - visiting the 8's - 0 - rat eats off 808's tongue - MVI_3621 (640x480) (mjpeg)

808 feeds Blueberry the rat ... directly off his tongue. HAVE YE NO SHAME?


The 8's just got 2 new furry friends, a rat and a hamster. The rat is way more impressive than the hamster. The 8's got the rat, Blueberry, because the family it belonged to previously were going to feed the rat to their snake. Not cool.



feeding rat.

Blueberry the cage, sticking out tongue, trail mix.



808 and Christie Mercogliano's apartment, Clementon, New Jersey.


September 25, 2011.


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BACKSTORY: We went to visit the 8's in New Jersey because Descendents and ALL were going to be playing in Philadelphia. We thought it might be a little much to drive to Philly, go to two concerts, and then drive all the way back home in one night. So we went to the 8's on Friday night and stayed until Sunday.

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Uploaded on October 6, 2011