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20110924 9999 - z - Dead Milkmen @ Riot Fest East - IMG_3571 - festival 360-degree view (33s) (bad distorted snd)

Before the show started, I tried to take a 360 of the festival. It's too dark, so you can't really appreciate how sprawlingly huge it was. We've never been to a music festival before.


musician: Dan Stevens, musician: Dean Sabatino, musician: Joe Genaro, musician: Rodney Linderman.




360-degree panoramic.


Festival Pier At Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


September 24, 2011.


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BACKSTORY: A Descendents show??? HELL YEAH! Even if it *is* in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! This is our first music festival ever! We talked about it beforehand, and remembered back to when we saw Sisters Of Mercy at Philadelphia, and how much of a headache it was to drive all the way up there, and then drive all the way back at 3AM after the concert. So we asked Christie & 808 if we could crash at their place that night, since they live 30min from Philadelphia.


We decided to go up Friday night after work, but it turned out to be a miserable 6-hour drive. We got stuck in 3 traffic jams due to rush hour and multiple accidents. We finally got to the 8's at around 11:30pm, and Ron & Alyssa were still there. We hung out till around 2AM when they left, and then hung out for an hour or so more with the 8's. Good times!


Saturday, 808 had to mow somebody's lawn, so we spent the day with Christie. It was actually a pretty lazy day, but that was fine because we were saving up our energy for the epic concert. We knew Descendents were playing at the Festival Pier, and there was an after-hours show featuring ALL, so we knew we might not get back until after 3AM (turned out to be 4AM). So, we just sat around talking to Christie, eating cake and pasta, and we also threw on Sympathy For Lady Vengeance as background.


We got to the Festival Pier at around 8:30. Dead Milkmen had already started, but we got to see Punk Rock Girl and Bitchin' Camaro. We wandered around the festival, ate burgers, found a cigarette on the ground, and saw Chris Y' punk rock doppelganger.


When Descendents played, it was awesome! There were a LOT of people there, too. It was a great show!





Rotting Out

Silly Girl

I Wanna Be A Bear

Sour Grapes


I'm The One

I Don't Want To Grow Up



I Like Food

My Age

All-O-Gistics (with Milo's kids)

Everything Sux

Cleen Sheets

Nothing With You

When I Get Old

Suburban Home


Get The Time

Coffee Mug

I'm Not A Loser

ENCORE: Bikeage

Thank You



Watch the entire Descendents show in 720p HD at (part 1 of 3)

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Uploaded on October 3, 2011