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20110924 - ALL concert after Riot Fest - IMG_3600 - Carnage (13s) (640x480) (mjpeg)

Fragment of a great song from a great album!


"You are for real

and nothing will ever come between us

No need to look too deep

I'll just never go to sleep"


Scott Reynolds had a guy in the audience scream the violent ending part of the song, then told the guy it was better than if he'd screamed it himself.


musician: Bill Stevenson, musician: Karl Alvarez, musician: Scott Reynolds, musician: Stephen Egerton.

drumming, playing bass, playing guitar, raising hands, singing.


song: Carnage.


Theater Of Living Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


September 24, 2011.


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After the Descendents concert at Riot Fest East, there was an after-party concert featuring ALL! Yes, 3 out of 4 of the same band members headed to another venue and did it all again! The second venue was about a mile away from the first venue. According to Google Maps on Carolyn's phone, it would have been an 18-minute walk, but a 5 minute car ride. So we decided to risk the parking situation and drive there. We barely got there in time. It was close to 2 hours to make it that one mile.


When we got there, there was no street parking. We eventually found a spot next to one of those Pod trailers, but when we got out, we noticed there was a temporary sign that said "Temporarily NO STOPPING. Vehicles will be towed" and the dates was 9/24 through 9/26. We did not know what that meant, and we originally thought we'd risk it. When we walked to the main road, there were a couple of cops standing on the corner. Clint asked one of them what "no stopping" meant, and he said, "It's basically 'No parking.' They just want to trick people." Well, that did not put our mind at ease.


We continued to the venue, and asked some dude standing around outside of the venue, and he told us that we shouldn't risk it, because Philadelphia tickets in a heart-beat. He said if you are 1 minute over a 2-hour meter, they will ticket you. So after hemming and hawing, we eventually decided it was probably better not to risk a tow. It'd be absolutely miserable to get out of the concert, only to find out our car was towed. Ugh. So we ran back to our car, pulled out of the spot (and warned a vulture about the parking sign, since our temporary no parking sign, uh, mysteriously disappeared around the time we parked there), and quickly pulled into the closest parking garage. We were in such a rush, that we passed right by the cashier at the garage. Luckily, Clint checked with the exit cashiers, who took care of getting us a ticket so we wouldn't owe $75 for parking in the garage.


The ALL show was great! We got in there right as they were setting up, so we had some time to spare. They started around 1:15 or 1:20am. The setlist was awesome! They chose some good songs.


After the concert, a couple band members were hanging around outside, so we got to meet the guitarist, Stephen Egerton and the singer, Scott Reynolds.


By the way - Clint caught a frog at the Descendents concert, and had it by the car during the ALL concert. He also tried selling it to people after the Descendents show. And ALL played the song "Frog". About catching a frog and trying to sell it. I'm probably the only ALL fan to try to hock a frog in between a Descendents and ALL show, on the same night ALL played the song Frog :) So yea, we named him Oscar after the frog in Frog.



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