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20110908 - flooding - house drainage, creek (30s) - MVI_3478 - with narration

I took 2 videos that are essentially the same thing in different order, one without narration, one with. They're both one of a kind in terms of weather so I was unable to choose one for deletion.


Incidentally, with our old windows it wasn't possible to see the creek from this window, because you couldn't open them and stick your head out of them. Plus we'd blocked them off so well that longtime guests were unaware we even had a window there. It's neat being able to see the creek out of a new window!



draining, flooding.

creek, drain, drainage, flood, kudzu, patio, steps, trees, water.


side yard, yard, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


September 8, 2011.


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BACKSTORY: Hurricane Irene was a hurri-lame. But the storm AFTER it? That was a doozy. Not nearly as much wind, but way, way, way more water. Fortunately our house has been around awhile, so previous landowners already shaped the property in such a way that it's almost impossible to flood our house. The crookedness of the foundation alone would mean that any flooding would go out our back kitchen door instead of standing in the house. (Except for the fact that the door is currently painted shut...grrr.) Sometimes weakness is a strength.

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Uploaded on September 20, 2011