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20180908 1054 - Claire's FFS - 11 - day 5 - Claire, electrolysis patient, Carolyn - 59541072 | by Claire CJS
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20180908 1054 - Claire's FFS - 11 - day 5 - Claire, electrolysis patient, Carolyn - 59541072

We hung out with a patient who was only there for a couple of days for an electrolysis appointment.


Day 5. Finally moved a teeny bit of air through my left nostril finally. Then I got a tummy ache from the diclophinac and they gave me domperidone and it turns out to be the first thing I've ever had an allergic reaction to. I broke out in hives and was quite worried. There were no pharmacies open, 2Pass kind of disappointed me by having nothing on hand at the facility, and the only option was to go to the hospital. Which would be cheap in Belgium, but we still declined.


Carolyn, Claire.





practice, 2Pass Clinic, business, Antwerp, Belgium.


September 8, 2018.



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Claire got her Facial Feminization Surgery with Dr. Bart Van De Ven at the 2Pass Clinic in Antwerp, Belgium on September 4th, 2018.


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He had a lot of before and after pictures for Claire to look at, and a 6-day stay in their clinic to include food and board was included in the price. It was a really nice facility, and Carolyn was glad that Claire had chosen 2Pass over PriyaMed in India, after seeing CT scans confirming friends had paid for procedures that were never even done (PriyaMed suuuuucks!). Dr. Bart and the entire 2Pass staff, including the resident who lived at the clinic and took care of all the patients, Petra, were very nice and friendly. We absolutely have complaints about the experience -- the implants that made my mouth look worse for months, only to threaten my life, creating two more additional surgeries for me to undergo and recover from. The nerve damage on my chin, which I think could have been avoided if Dr. Bart didn't insist that CT scans are unnecessary while any upscale FFS place does CT scans. The complication under my eye which literally exploded out of my face, but only 14 months later. Letting me leave without my chin strap. Sending me home when I wasn't really fit to fly yet. Having a big wooden table with an irregular shape that people trip over, which is very easy when your eyes are sewn shut. Not shaving as much off my forehead quite as I'd hoped (but still an amazing forehead job!). Not doing as much jaw work as I'd hoped (and that nerve damage). Not including a neck lift in my package when it absolutely should have been (it's so saggy now & it has been indicated as something I should do by another FFS surgeon). The surgery was good -- I've had people tell me in private that my FFS is the best FFS they've ever seen (wow) -- but it wasn't A+ for us. It was more like a A- or B+ for results, B+ for price, C for choosing the right procedures to perform on me, and a C- for complications endured. We felt like there was a lot of room for improvement in our experience as well. Like they don't say what time of day to arrive, and only let you check into your room a few hours before your appointment. So we ended up being several hours late because of this -- they could simply let people in 6-8 hrs before their appointment, then we would have been able to aim earlier and not be late. But at the same regrets. This surgery was the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm very happy with what 2Pass did for me. I just wish things had gone better, and I'm going to ask for a revision to fix some of the problems.


***************** FOR THE FULL LOG OF CLAIRE'S FFS RECOVERY, VISIT HER PAGE AT *****************


Transition Progress at this point: 13 months on estrogen HRT (since 8/2017) [injections (and no spiro) since 1/2018: 48 injections in 8mos], 5mos on progesterone (since 4/2018). 3 days since Facial Feminization Surgery at 2Pass Clinic in Antwerp, Belgium (6hr $~30K surgery by Dr. Bart Van De Ven.) DHEA (10mg/4d) to raise testosterone a bit, since 4/2018--5mos. 10X/d Biotin for fingernails since 1/17--8mos. Full-time female since 9/2017--1 year. Publicly out as trans since 10/11/2017--11mos). Legally female since 12/21 (8mos). 7mos of voice training (since 2/2017)--17 speech therapy sessions (2 GWU semesters + 4-clinician session at UDC). Hair removal: 56 electrolysis sessions [since 4/2017] totaling 37.5 hours; 34 laser hair removal sessions [since 9/2016] (55 area treatments: 17/16/14/13 mouth/goatee/face/neck, 9 armpits, 7 legs/chest/ears/Brazilian); and bi-weekly at-home IPL on arms since 6/17 (over a year). Weight down to 145lbs (52 down from 197, but 10 up from 135). Same-weight waist measurement has dropped from 32" (12/2017) to 31" (6/2018) [now 35-31-35]. Boobs (Tanner IV) filling a 34A bra, but unsure of real cup size. Have seen endo/primary therapist 7X [bloodwork 6X], and 4 other therapists 13X--Currently on anticonvulsant mood stabilizer Lamictal (4.5mos since 4/15; 200mg/day). Latisse for eyelash lengthening since 4/17 (1yr,5mos). 2 dental implants, Zoom teeth whitening, pierced ears, star brand on ass (7/14/2018), hair dyed with a bit of purple in front. No haircuts since 1/2015--3.7yrs. Useless Sephora makeup class attended.Minor body contouring procedures purchased on groupon (8 laser lipo + 4 ultrasonic liposculpture + 3 non-invasive buttlift sessions + permanent lip coloring), to be done after FFS. Wardrobe replacement up to 1,140+ items. Total transition expenditures at this point are now over $54,250.

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