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The bent mailbox post bent back and lasted another 2 weeks. But ultimately, it just fell back over, having lost its structural integrity. Mailbox post ruined by VDOT. Too bad the lateral blunt force trauma to the mailbox didn't happen a few inches higher -- it would have simply knocked the mailbox off. I use twisty-tie to hold my mailbox on, so that it breaks away gracefully rather than ruining the post.


It's really ironic that the twisty tie survived, while the metal post did not.


VDOT, Virginia Department Of Transportation, mailbox, snow, twisty tie.


front yard, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


February 18, 2010.


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BACKSTORY: VDOT bulldozers cameat 3AM on Sunday, February 14th, and tried to recklessly move snow out of the street when no one was awake to notice the damage done. But we were having a party, and noticed strange lights outside. (What looked flying cars -- turns out bulldozer headlights are 15 ft off the ground.) I saw the bulldozer hit my chain link fence gate, I saw the bulldozer hit my fence. Later we found out they did indeed damage our fence and mailbox. They fixed the mailbox around March 25th (so for a month they hoped I would simply buy a new mailbox), but still haven't fixed the fence as of this photo's upload.

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Taken on February 18, 2010