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20100212 - Batman & Robin on absolute truths - generator | by Clio CJS
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20100212 - Batman & Robin on absolute truths - generator

Homage to Justin Chur..., this fatass I knew who pretended to be a friend, enthusiastically emailed us about attending our parties, then didn't say a word for 6 months, and came out attacking me full swing for no apparent reason other than the tone of my posts. Oh, and my profile picture gave him a big inferiority complex, apparently. He whined about having to see my picture looking at him disdainfully. It was very empowering to know that my generic picture could hurt somebody so much. HAHA.


Anyway, his big thing and sole explanation was, "There are no absolute truths!" That was about all I could get out of him for being mad. He never explained himself, or what it was that I said that set him off. He basically whined like a little baby without telling why. Was it that I hated Obama? Was it that I don't support Israel's bullshit occupation of Palestine (his girlfriend is Jewish, way more than me)? Was it that I think anti-depressants are bullshit? My hatred of authority? My hatred of conservatives? My hatred of Obama-worshipers? The fact that I post too much? The fact that I have opinions and make them known? Or what? No clue.


Nor do I really care, except for curiosity's sake.


Later, mutual friends came up to me and were like, "What the fuck?", and, "Oh well, he just spouts random bullshit anyway. He's a fucking idiot." (It is true: I talked about politics and concrete issues, while he would tweet stupid lyrics that made no sense. I'm all for absurdism, but not 100% of the time.)


SO ANYWAY.... Later, somebody Angel pointed out that his statement "There are no absolute truths!" is, in itself, an absolute truth.


Still later, I stumbled upon this Batman comic generator, and realized the whole "absolute truth" debacle would make for a great bitch-slap caption.


Batman, Robin.


absolute truth, hypocricy, hypocrite.

comics: Batman.


February 12, 2010.


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