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20091207 - Oranjello vs. a baby mouse - video 1 - GEDC0967 - tempting fate, turning growling on and off like a switch (1m33s) (xvid)

First, I tempt fate by messing with the growling cat-with-a-mouse-in-his-mouth. (Yes, I bled from getting scratched a bit earlier doing this.)


Then I demonstrate how you can "turn the growling off" by petting him, and "turn the growling back on" by rubbing him. Funny stuff!



Oranjello the cat, baby, mouse.


kitchen, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


December 7, 2009.


BACKSTORY: Oranjello caught a baby mouse. Carolyn was in the kitchen and she went into the rec room and saw the cats playing, and she heard a squeak. Then Oranjello started running towards her to the kitchen and that's when she noticed the rodent hanging out of his mouth. He went to the utility room and just sat there with it in his mouth for a second, then he took off back into the rec room. That's when she called out to Clint, who came down with the camera. Then Lemonjello was trying to check it out, so Oranjello started growling... Pretty much non-stop.


The poor mouse didn't last very long though. ): But Oranjello wasn't about to let anyone take it away from him.


Since then, there have been two more baby mice for a total of three mice in three days.


Oranjello is picking off their family one by one! Excellent. Mouse droppings in your silverware drawer SUCK. Read about hantavirus, which is linked to breathing in dust that comes in contact with mouse droppings, at ... This is something the US actually weaponized for bio-warfare.


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Uploaded on December 10, 2009