• Wow, those wide-open eyes are almost lemur caliber. Nice. Freaky. :) - spugbrap

20090911 - Britt & Chris's wedding rehearsal - (by Dad) - dinner - Carolyn, Clint, etc, Britt - eating chips

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We were sooooooooo starving by the time we ate. I had like 3 baskets of chips!

Britt, Carolyn, Clint, Emily, Jason, Joey, Niles, Valerie.
eating, reaching.
tortilla chips.
funny face.

Pancho Villa's Mexican, restaurant, Stafford, Virginia.

September 11, 2009.
Pic by Dad.

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  1. Natasha72 84 months ago

    Yeah, nice expression.

  2. Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) 83 months ago

    Dave's lemur eyes obsession is funny :)

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