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19991113 - Samhain & Danzig - ticket stub - Nation

Hatebreed/Samhain/Danzig. Awesome show.


Danzig kinda sucked, only played 6 songs I knew and about 6-8 more i didn't [too much Danzig 6].


But Samhain was possibly the first band I've ever seen where I knew EVERY song being played, because they don't have any new album. Danzig didn't play the guitar when playing as Samhain, even though that's always how it was in the 80s. "Play the guitar you pussy!" -Yelled by me a few times.


Samhain played their version of The Misfits's All Hell Breaks Loose and Halloween 2.

Danzig opened with a song from Black Aria -- how pretentious. He played Mother and Twist Of Cain from Danzig 1. Long Way Back From Hell and Her Black Wings from Danzig II. Dirty Black Summer from Danzig 3. One song from Danzig 5. And a bunch of stuff from 6 that no one had heard or cared to hear.


The audience was completely still at points, unlike at every point during the Samhain portion of the show, where there was some of the craziest audience energy I've ever seen.


Danzig closed with "Earth A.D." by The Misfits, because he knows nothing he'll ever do in his solo career will match his 2 previous bands -- even if it is awesome stuff.


Suffice to say, the highlight of this show was not Danzig, but Samhain. Danzig is damn lucky he's in both bands :D


ticket stub.



Nation, Washington D.C.


November 13, 1999.


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