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20090312 - Clint - foot x-ray - left ("good" foot)

Plantar fasciitis blows.


It's great that some insurance company made hundreds of dollars off x-rays that don't help podiatrists diagnose or cure me in the slightest. 5 months after seeing 3 diff podiatrists, I'm finally getting custom orthotics soon. And all they've been able to do is say "exercise, take 600mg ibuprofen 3 times a day or 500mg naproxen once a day, and go to physical therapy" ($25 copays multiple times a week? Yeah right!). Pathetic. How about DOING SOMETHING, fuckers? Doctors never DO anything. I've read about tons of therapies for plantar fasciitis, but no actual podiatrist suggetss or mentions any of them.


My foot hurts. It hasn't stopped hurting for 9 months. And if it doesn't stop, I'll never step foot on a beach again. Fuck sand, fuck useless doctors, and fuck the american medical system for making more money off keeping me sick than curing me. My current podiatrist seems to agree with this -- "Orthotics cost about $150 to make, but the insurance company wont sell them to us for that price because they want to make money, so they will sell them for $250 or more." And then I'm stuck paying 20% of an cost that's only inflated to help some corporation. Nice.


Oh, and no steroid injections because my tear is in a place that's hard to inject. Still -- there are other therapies listed, including stem-cell based therapies. Telling me to take anti-inflammatories and exercise is what I would expect in the goddamn medical stone age of the 1960s, not in the 2000s.



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March 12, 2009.


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Taken on May 25, 2009