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20090118 - cleaning house - 175-7503 - harddrives

We reorganized our "gadget drawers", managing to get 4 drawers of stuff compressed into 2 drawers.


Here's a nice comparison of past harddrives!


On the left, we see the newest drive in this picture -- from the early-to-mid-1990s. It looks like the dives of today -- 3-inch form factor, black box, 340M.


In the middle is an older Western Digital Pirahna drive, which I think may have been 200M and from the early 1990s or late 1980s. Notice how the "grill" is attached to the front? This isn't done today. In fact, hardly anyone cares about having a light blink when your harddrive has activity these days. Back in the old days, everyone cared about this, and having a light was crucial. I used a TSR utility to spin a cursor (with a "R" or "W" for read or write) in the upper-right corner of my screen -- But the "progress" of Windows made this no longer work, so I had to give it up in exchange for running the tiny cable from your motherboard "HDD light" port to the case LED port.


On the right is the huge Quantum harddrive! 5-inch size?!?!?! I didn't realize harddrives were EVER that big. Not even a 5-inch floppy drive is this big. I never actually used this drive -- I think I picked it up at a yardsale as a souvenier. I decided to store it with my comic books, as a "collectable".




upstairs, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.


January 18, 2009.


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Taken on January 18, 2009