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20080927 - camping - 169-6907 - Oranjello, Lemonjello - in the firepit | by Clio CJS
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20080927 - camping - 169-6907 - Oranjello, Lemonjello - in the firepit

The kitties explored the fire pit. So far, they're batting 0 for 2 (car gear shifter, firepit) with finding safe places to hang out. We were glad there wasn't a fire made already. Fortunately they're not so stupid as to walk into an open flame.


Lemonjello the cat, Oranjello the cat, fire pit, rocks, wood.


Elizabeth Furnace, George Washington National Forest, Virginia.


September 27, 2008.


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BACKSTORY: Carolyn really wanted to go camping at least one more time this season so that she can take the kitties while they are still young. After being rained out a few weeks ago, Carolynwas determined to go no matter what. The forecast called for rain -- but only 0.1 inch during the day. Carolyn was pissed. After much convincing, we ended up below our six-person quorum, but still had a good crowd, with Tabbitha, Eli, Carolyn, Clint, and even Evan! Good times.


Unfortunately, it did rain on us. Eli set up Carolyn's small tarp with some help from Evan and Carolyn, and we spent a good amount of time huddled underneath it. But this was only at night time. And it didn't rain hard -- you could go potty without an umbrella and stay relatively dry. Eventually we all realized we couldn't keep our eyes open. We made a pact to take a 1-hour nap, and we all went to our separate tents. When Carolyn woke up several hours later, she heard the rain was still at it, and decided not to try to wake anyone up. Tabbitha apparently got up really early and somehow got soaked. She was mostly dry by the time everyone else woke up.


Thus, most of our pictures are from the next day. The next day was dry, beautiful, and we spent quite some time (8:30AM-2PMish) there. In the end, we were there for 27 hours, and only awake and being rained on for about 4 of them. It wasn't the end of the world -- We ate like kings and had more fun than if we'd stayed in!

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Taken on September 27, 2008