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20070809 - Bethany Beach - IMG_3078 - Carolyn's present from Jay- Purple Crocs, including jibbitz | by Clio CJS
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20070809 - Bethany Beach - IMG_3078 - Carolyn's present from Jay- Purple Crocs, including jibbitz

Right before Carolyn & Clint were going to leave, Jay called Carolyn and told her to stop at the beach before she left. So she thought he just wanted to say one last good-bye, but when she got to the beach, Jay gave her a present - some crocs!


Unfortunately, when she put them on, they were way too big! Apparently, Jay used Carolyn's mom's feet as a guide, and so they were one size too big. Carolyn was just going to keep them, but Jay talked her into taking them back (after "volunteering" to go with her. He didn't want to, but she wouldn't do it without him, and he wanted to get her the correct size).


That turned into an adventure because they had to tear the entire store apart to find the perfect pair of crocs. They were either not her size, or not the color she wanted (purple). She liked the color Jay had picked, but eventually they settled on a lighter purple.


It turns out, Carolyn LOVES these Crocs. They're awesome for just wearing around the house, or wearing out in public if one doesn't care what people may whisper behind one's back. :) She hasn't even had them a year, and they are starting to get worn in. Looking at this picture, there is definitely a noticeable difference.


Carolyn is looking forward to Assateague when she will get to wear them for real. After getting them, Clint & Carolyn had to make a stop at the Jibbitz store and get a couple of more Jibbitz for Carolyn's crocs. This picture shows a beer mug and a pink flower that we picked out for Tabbitha. When all was said and done, Tabbitha has the big pink flower and a bat, and Carolyn has the green beer mug and a blue cat. They each got one of the original 2, and they each got one of the supplemental 2.



Crocs, Jibbitz.


Bethany Beach, Delaware.


August 9, 2007.



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Taken on August 9, 2007