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20070808 - Bethany Beach - restaurant - Sawyer family spectacular portrait - My God it's full of Sawyers! - (by Vicky) - 1434237183_e7b672beec o

The main event was going out to dinner at Magnolia's. It was the family reunion of 2007. Only two Sawyers were missing -- Adam, who was in Iraq, and Gina, who had to drive across country at the last minute to help her boyfriend move. We had a professional photographer and some sub-family portraits were taken. Clint stood behind the photographer and basically took what she took, so that worked out for us. We didn't get inot the HUGE picture because the angle of the automatic capture wasn't good. Clint had to rush to set it up, and he put it on top of Carolyn's dad's car and it ended up just taking a picture of some feet. But we got the one with the bunny ears. Muahaha.


Alex, Allison, Andrew, Anne, Brandon, Brent, Caisson, Carmine, Carolyn, Chrystie, Chuck, Clint, David, Denise, Ethan, Frank, Ireland, Isabella, Jay, Jennifer, Jonathan, Jordan, Joshua, Julie, Kara, Kathy, Kaylie, Kevin, Kim, Kyle, Lisa, Louise, Lowell, Madelaine, Margaretha, Maria, Melanie, Michelle, Mya, Priscilla, Rose, Ryan, Samantha, Sean, Stavos, Steve, Tassos, Timothy, Tracy, Vicky.

bunny ears.

funny face. group picture.


Magnolia's, restaurant, Bethany Beach, Delaware.


August 8, 2007.

Pic by Vicky.


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To see 30 seconds of the video dedication from everybody to Adam in Iraq:

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