Across Caucusses 1990
I recently scanned slides of an adventure I had in July-August 1990, crossing the Caucusses with my bike. My sponsor was Iurie, a Russian national living in Moldova. We began by taking boats across the Black Sea, then train (not shown) to the north side of the Caucusses in Russia. We then cycled towards Mt Elbrus on backcountry roads. We then circled around to the main road leading into Elbrus and joined a group who were going where we were, over Donguz Orun pass into Georgia. I didn't know there wasn't a road. We didn't ride our bikes for three days, as we lugged our gear over the pass. At least we got a head start using a chair lift to gain a bit of altitude. The pass was at 3140 metres elevation. The Nakra river valley in Georgia took us into the Abkhazian region and the coast.

ps. photo quality is shite as scanner is cheapo. Poor colour, banding, misalignment of RGB and vignetting. Oh well, doesn't change the story:-)
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