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    1. furansugosan 31 months ago | reply

      The crumple paper effect and the fold lines gives it an artistic "keepsake" feeling, Like someone keeps this photo in their pocket everyday. Their Lumberjack and he's OK.

    2. imperatrix62@sbcglobal.net 31 months ago | reply

      Must....have....calendar! XD

    3. Flor Blake 31 months ago | reply

      LOL!! I think this one is my favorite!

    4. tundeolaniran 31 months ago | reply

      It's a nod to old WWII pin-ups that soldiers would put in their lockers/barracks. Or how men would tape pin-ups to their walls in the garage/bedroom growing up.

    5. Luxtra 31 months ago | reply

      It's a crazy world we live in. ;)

    6. bollesbiggestfan1 31 months ago | reply

      This one reminds me of a Bolles 1928 Film Fun cover.

    7. KDAIRBRUSH 31 months ago | reply

      Just saw this.. Way kewl!

    8. AnthonyGR 31 months ago | reply

      This series is just hysterical. Awesome idea, and really good implementation.

    9. PeaceLovePhotography 31 months ago | reply

      Simply marvelous. :)

    10. psychosamiii 31 months ago | reply


      He cuts down trees. He skips and jumps.
      He likes to press wild flowers.
      He puts on women's clothing
      And hangs around in bars?!
      He's a lumberjack, and he's okay.
      He sleeps all night and he works all day.

    11. mesh2 30 months ago | reply

      These are really fabulous! I love this one especially :)

    12. caseylarae 28 months ago | reply

      i 100% agree. So Great/Funny/Well Done

    13. greekgeek 27 months ago | reply

      I got this far in the set before I had to take an asthma break. Good show, gents!

    14. Frida Ponce 27 months ago | reply

      Great! love October man!! =o)

    15. hubqueen 54 26 months ago | reply

      "..suspenders under bra;
      I wish I was a girlie... just like my dear Papa"

    16. KristiinaMerilahti 23 months ago | reply

      Great series and this is absolutely my favourite. Thank you guys for posing for these. :D

    17. gaiamethod 22 months ago | reply

      I think you are all missing the point!!!! You see this as funny but don't laugh when you are surrounded by women doing this every day of your lives. They have to pose in equally ludicrous poses just to get you to buy some useless product that you wouldn't have looked twice at if it didn't have a woman in suggestive poses draped all over it. What are they selling? the women or the product? And they wonder why sex trafficking has become so huge!!!

    18. twigletzone 21 months ago | reply

      I really, REALLY want a T-shirt with this on it!

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