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    rachel on zwan, photo by dean

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    1. Christopher Mark Perez 79 months ago | reply

      Finally! some fashion sense in Portland!!!

      Looking at all the well dressed European bike riders made me consider how poorly dressed Portlanders are when riding their bikes. It isn't a race, fer kripessake! So why look like Greg Lemond just to go home? What's up with that???

      No. From now on, when you see a guy riding to/from work on a bike with "Dinner" (a rock lobster) strapped to the front finder and wearing a tweed jacket, slacks, and dress shoes, realize that it's one man's fight make Portland a better place to be seen in. Or something like that. LOL!!!

      All kidding aside, I would seriously enjoy seeing more folks riding around in nicer clothes like in this photo.

    2. searley 79 months ago | reply

      I. Want. This. Bike.

    3. doggo 79 months ago | reply

      Suuu-weeeet!! Beautiful!

      The bike's nice too. (Heh. Thatsa joke. Sorta.)

    4. mmeiser2 75 months ago | reply

      Beautiful picture dude.

      I hope you're printing these out in nice big pictures and putting them up in the store. It's great artful advertising. Help people invision a future where bikes are a healthy form of daily transportation acceptable not just for college students but everyone. That is your message with the cargo bikes is it not? Practical everyday use for everyone?

    5. cleverchimp 75 months ago | reply

      You're not the first to suggest a poster, Michael. Thing is, Rachel's one of the partners at the shop. Sort of weird to have a glam photo of yourself on the wall or whatever. She's a busy mom of 4, with an awesome garden and a dozen chickens besides. Would you guess? She's special, but then, these bikes have a way of making most riders look incredible.

      Yep, practical everyday use for everyone is the general idea, preferably looking great at the same time.

    6. The style guru 1 75 months ago | reply

      How does this ride compare to the Electra Royal? I'm in L.A. and I don't have the opportunity try out this bike to know if it is better suited for me. I did ride the Electra and it was quite comfortable. I'm wondering about the quality comparison.

    7. cleverchimp 75 months ago | reply

      It's hard to describe how bikes ride. They are both comfortable, but they feel quite a bit different. They both are equipped with Nexus 8 gearhubs and roller brakes. The Azor has better lighting, a better stand, a wheel lock, true chaincase, Brooks saddle. The aluminum Electra is a lighter bike, less solid feeling, with many little touches executed with more regard for visual impact than function. Some things like the rack and coat guards seem downright flimsy. But at a little more than half the cost of an Azor, you can forgive some things. The higher volume, heavier duty wheels and tires, and steely heft of the Azor bike give it a quieter, more serene-feeling ride. My gut feeling is that the Azor will probably look and ride great in 30 years, gaining charisma, while the Electra will look ratty within 5-10.

    8. mmeiser2 75 months ago | reply

      Not an ad, not a poster. It's fine art. You need to bend the thinking a little. Transformative thinking leans to transformative spaces, leads to transformative states where your customers will buy more. ;)

      It's like the smell of popcorn at the popcorn shop... the inviting "living room" feeling that starbucks and other coffee shops aim for. A combination of sight, smell and experience.

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