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    It was like this: Little Chef, Sutton Scotney Services, A34, Saturday morning on the way to Littlehampton. Ordered: Olympic Breakfast (Mr Cleebster wasn't so hungry, for a change lol), American Pancake Breakfast and two pots of the ubiquitous tea. Waitress delivers: A brand new bottle of ketchup.

    I'll say it again: A BRAND NEW BOTTLE OF KETCHUP. I hold it in my hands, shaking slightly from the excitement that is building up, as I realise what I have in front of me.

    Mr Cleebster nearly passes out with the tension as I slowly and carefully turn the lid. Sweaty palms abound as I hear the satisfying "plunk" of the safety button popping up for the one and only time in its short but oh so sweet life.

    The tangy scent of deliciousness cuts through the atmosphere as little kids turn to watch; I give the shiny glass vessel a gentle slap on its bottom, like the new-born that it is. After what seems like an eternity the first glistening dollop of sloppy tomatoeyness splodges onto the firm scrambled eggs.

    I sit back slowly and a smile of wonder and pride creeps across my hungry face. Service station breakfasts don't get any better than this... quality :)

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    1. s u b u 82 months ago | reply

      is it spicey..!? nice angle

    2. bill.fu 82 months ago | reply

      I gain weight when I look at food. '-)

    3. Bob Zanger 82 months ago | reply

      Great title, nice angle on the shot, makes me long for something other than this salad I am currently eating

    4. safoura_o 82 months ago | reply

      Creative reddish idea!
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    5. BevKnits 81 months ago | reply

      Wow, I don't even like ketchup but I want some right now!

    6. negra223 81 months ago | reply awesome saucy shot!! lol!

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    7. Jon Smalldon 80 months ago | reply

      I hadn't realised there was so much poetry to be had at a Little Chef.

      The Burford branch never seems to be quite as satisfying.

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