Mentawais - Macaronis
Macaronis is surfable on large or small swells, in all tides and almost any wind conditions. It has a reputation as being the best on-shore wave to surf in the world and is popular with both intermediate and experienced surfers. On large swells Macas can offer some of the most epic tube riding conditions around and in smaller swells it is a perfectly shaped peeling left hander, great for all levels of surfing.
Macaronis Resort is located centrally to a range of other classy Mentawai waves like Lances Left, Lances Right, Bintangs, Malakopak Right, Rag's Right, Rag's Left and Thunders, all accessible on Indies Explorer. Alternatively, closer by waves such as Silabu Left, Macas Right, Greenbush and Bat Cave are all accessible by resort speedboats.
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