Wreaths to Honor Our Fallen Hero’s Placed on Dundalk's Monuments.
On Sunday, (11/29/15) Clean Bread and Cheese Creek placed wreaths at several of Dundalk’s too often over looked if not forgotten monuments to those who have fallen both defending and building our Nation. On Thanksgiving weekend we could think of nothing more important than honoring and appreciating those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could enjoy or freedom and our way of life. While each location we took time to clean up the areas surrounding each monument as well. We placed a quote from President Harry Truman on each wreath as well: “Our debt to the heroic mean and valiant women in the service to our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices”. Wreaths were placed at the Veteran’s Park Memorials, Bethlehem Steel Workers Memorial, Battle Acre Monument, The Methodist Meeting House Monument, North Point State Battlefield, The VFW Memorial, and the Aquila Randall Monument. It is both our honor and our privilege to pay homage to these men and women.
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