10/13/15 -Bread and Butter Stream Cleanup - Before, During and After Photos!
Today (Tuesday, 10/13/15) over 24 volunteers removed over 85 bags of trash, 5 tires, 4 shopping carts, 4 pallets, 2 chairs , 2 bicycles, 2 sets of car keys, a purse full of credit cards and more from Bread & Butter Creek! We truly wish to thank all the wonderful volunteers from BGE, Amiga Insurance and the community who came out to asset us on this beautiful day! We also wish to thank Entenmann’s Discount Bakery for providing do nuts for all our volunteers and Baltimore County Highways for providing us with a dumpster!

To our knowledge this stream had never been cleaned previously and the amount of trash we removed is a testament to how badly it was needed! But these incredible people did not stop there! They continued but helping us cleanup the field behind the shopping and the shopping center itself! We also worked with them to unclog several storm drains and help remove and return several large drain pipes left behind by a contractor!

All and all it was an incredible day and we can’t thank all our fantastic volunteers for helping us accomplish so much in the community today!

PS – Please don’t forget to attend our fundraiser at the Boulevard Diner in Dundalk on Wednesday (10/14/15) form 4 pm to 10 pm because it is fundraisers like this that fund all the work we do in the community! Thank you for all your support!
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