After the 9/27/14 cleanup of Bread and Cheese Creek – Beautiful results!
On 9/27/14 - 142 volunteers removed enough trash to completely fill a 40 dumpster which included 290 trash bags of litter from Bread and Cheese Creek (from the Berkshire Community to North Point Boulevard) and North Point Road. These photos show the results of their hard at work on this day! 10 tires, 6 shopping carts, 4 cans of paint, 3 rugs, 2 TV’s, a mattress and box spring, a reclining couch, a 55 gallon drum, and a toilet were all items that were removed from this historic stream. Additionally 1 ton of metal was pulled from the creek and will be recycled with the money going toward helping to pay for our next cleanup. All food left over will be donated to Rita’s Table a local food kitchen dedicated to helping feed the needy of Dundalk. Thank you Volunteers you are worth your weight in gold and more!!!

We are a group of volunteers who worked with the community in association with National Public Lands Day, the Ocean Conservancy, American Rivers, Trash Free Maryland, and Day to Serve on this cleanup.

We would like to Thank Entenmann’s Baker Outlet for donating donuts; Re/Max Realty for donating hotdogs and a hotdog cart for the day; Lafarge for donating pulled pork, potato chips and soda; and Gotugo for donating a portable restroom for the event!
We would also like to thank the following groups who showed up in large number to help for the day: The Boy Scouts, The Girl Scout Brownies, the U.S. Navy, Dundalk High School, Saint Timothy’s School for Girls, Towson University Students, Johns Hopkins University Students and the Forestry Association! Thank you all for helping to make this cleanup an incredible success!
You can learn more about Clean Bread and Cheese Creek form our Website:, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Flickr!
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