Merritt Point Park Cleanup on 7/22/14 a great success!!!
On (7/22/14) Clean Bread and Cheese Creek and 44 volunteers from the community and the YMCA arrived to help cleanup up Merritt Point Park. While the park itself was pretty clean we removed 48 bag of trash from the woods and shoreline surrounding the park. Plastic and metal bottle caps, straws, candy wrappers, balloon pieces and plastic utensils we the items most recovered along with four tires and a shopping cart. We would like to send a special thank you to the couple who brought their aluminum boat and netted tons of plastic bottles from the shoreline. Despite this cleaning being scheduled for a weekday we are very thankful for the turnout we had and how much trash we removed and we loved working with the teens from the YMCA. Thank you everyone for the incredible job cleaning up another one of communities beautiful parks!
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