During the 9/21/13 Berkshire to North Point Road cleanup of Bread and Cheese Creek
Thank you! Our wonderful volunteers cleaned from the Berkshire Section of Bread and Cheese Creek to North Point Boulevard including the section of North Point Road between North Point Plaza (Wal-Mart’s Shopping Center) and German Hill Road today (9/21)! Despite the threat of rain, over 100 volunteers arrived at Bread and Cheese Creek and did not finish until they cleaned over 3 miles of stream and a road! !! We have said it before and we will say it again No-one can match our incredible volunteers! Thank you so much for your incredible and monumental effort! Today we removed over 3 tons of trash (211 trash bags!), over 2 tons of metal that has been recycled, 7 shopping carts, 6 tires, 3 bicycles, 3 cans of paint, a washing machine, a crankshaft, a street sign (Delvale Avenue) and a car battery. Together we ARE making Difference!!! Thank you volunteers you are incredible! We could not do any of this without you! Thank you!

Volunteer Photographers, thank you so much for these wonderful images! Please tag your work in the photos.

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