During the Bread and Cheese Creek Cleanup Merritt Boulevard to North Point Boulevard 4/6/13
Thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU! Our incredible volunteers cleaned from Merritt Boulevard to North Point Boulevard and included North Point Road today (4/6)! Over 170 volunteers arrived at Bread and Cheese Creek to clean the Willow Road Section of the stream, but they quickly met and exceeded this goal and cleaned up the section of North Point Road between North Point Plaza (Wal-Mart’s Shopping Center) and German Hill Road. As if this wasn’t incredible enough the continued cleaning in the stream until the reached North Point Boulevard! However, this still was not the end volunteers moved in the opposite direction cleaning up to Merritt Boulevard including the trash choked shore next to Merritt Manor shopping center! This totals over 3 miles of stream and a road that are now completely trash free!!! We have said it before and we will say it again No-one can match our incredible volunteers! Thank you so much for your incredible and monumental effort! Today we removed over 3.5 tons of trash (227 trash bags!), over 2 tons of metal that has been recycled, 23 shopping carts, 14 tires (one a huge tractor tire), 2 bicycles, 2 lawnmowers, a potable black and white TV, a section of wrought iron fence, an elliptical machine, and more! Our motto is “Together can make a Difference” and thanks to our volunteers, we are! Today was our must successful cleanup EVER thank you YOU!

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