Stansbury Park and Pond Cleanup (4/21/12)
Despite a forecast of rain 18 volunteers from Clean Bread and Cheese Creek arrived at 18 am to cleanup Stansbury Park and Pond. Volunteers in waders walked the interior perimeter of the ponds while a second volunteer shadowed them on the shoreline to ensure no trash was missed. Other volunteers walked along the walking paths, through the tot lots and scoured the outfall pipes from Lynch Cove Run. After four hours the park and pond had been scoured clean by all our wonderful volunteers! The final tally of this cleanup: 27 bags of trash (Including 57 golf balls!), 2 tires, 1 shopping cart, 1 pallet and a huge steel pole!

Our Volunteers did a fantastic job at today’s cleanup (they always do!) and Stansbury Park and Pond looks beautiful once more! Everybody deserves a safe and trash free place to enjoy nature and I am so glad we were able to help with this!
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