Day 43

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    Feb 12, 043/366
    "A broken clock tells the right time twice a day" That was the title of this entry into my camera society's POTY (pronouced - Potty - (Photographer Of The Year))
    The theme of this round was 'Broken'. I think I captured it well. The judge didn't seems to think so though... only gave it 6 out of 10! NOT impressed! It took me all day to do this shot, setting it all up, getting the right light, and the processing! He said it would have looked better had there been a hand holding the hammer and smashing it! The hammer was placed there as a prop! matye the backround is a little too dark, making it look like its hovering.... Oh I'm just bitter!.... :_(

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    1. Angie Adams 75 months ago | reply

      Gary, sometimes we get too close to our work due to the effort we put into it. A 30 second subjective judged comment is never going to do justice to the time taken. I know this may sound hackneyed but it's the taking part not the winning and I bet you've learned an awful lot about your camera, table-top photography and lighting to boot!

      I love the lighting on the clock and think the image of the clock would work well without the hammer as prop. The dark background does hint of a floating hammer, but the colour of the wood complements the brassiness of the clock. the movement of a hand and hammer, may have added more impact to the shot... fancy trying it? Now I'm going before you get bitter with me too!

    2. Cat Ryan 75 months ago | reply

      Hah! no sympathy from me mate! It seems this is probably the judge from hell that gave my work last year even lower marks than yours!

      These Judges come in all sizes, qualities and opinions and therefore in the end your work is in their hands to comment on.

      I was determined not to bother competing again in the poty, but that would allow them to win, just keep entering bearing in mind you are perhaps the best judge of your own work.

      Like you I actually went out and purposely thought and took a photo to reflect the subject, but in the end its probably just as best to search your records and make a title up.

      i like the idea and subject gary, it is a lot stronger than my entries on the subject. Just shouts out to me and says "Broken"

      Just keep on in there.


    3. Nobunaga 75 months ago | reply

      I also think this image fits well with the Broken theme, there were lots on the evening which were not. The judge did not seem to take into account the suitability to the title of the round.

      I think you are correct in saying the background is a little dark. This is why the judge thought it was hovering above the clock, which I can see it is not.

      As CatR says, keep plugging away, it's for fun only (well I suppose there is the prize of vouchers to consider).

    4. Editor B 45 months ago | reply

      Great photo. Sorry it didn't get the respect it deserves. But it was perfect for my blog post. So thanks for licensing under Creative Commons.

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