beqa lagoon

these fiji half-half shots are going to be flooding my stream for the next few weeks. enjoy!

  • Toan N. 3y

    Awesome !!!
  • Jeff Maack 3y

    absolutely awesome!
  • Matt Haddaway 3y

    God…I need a vacation…
    Really nice work
  • wizardjks 3y

    lyke hot and cool at the same time
  • Simonné P 3y

    i love it!
  • taxref 3y

    This is more fantastic work. The light and shadow on the subject is wonderful.
  • Schooner Darrow 3y

    such a kool shot of both worlds, nice work Sarah.....
  • Donna Muccio 3y

    YES! these are my favorite kind of shots. I could seriously look at your photography all day.
  • T Tommy T 3y

    I shall fetch my galoshes and roll up my pants.
  • Jenna Pinkham 3y

    this is so beautiful! I've tried to get this kind of half-submerged shot before and I know how hard it is, so I totally commend your skill here. Stunning.
  • Sean Tomlinson 3y

    Another beautiful half and half shot Sarah. By the way, can I have the number of the hottie is the pink bikini? ;)
  • taiGarual ☼ Hola! 3y

    You excel at taking this 'half half' shots! They are extraordinary.
  • nicole leigh. 3y

    shut up how can anything get anymore perfect!?! love love love!!
  • T Tommy T 3y

    Sean Tomlinson Sean, the more you learn about that girl in the pink bikini,
    the more inadequate you will feel.
  • nic7320 3y

    So graceful!
  • Bruce Lemons 3y

    Too cool....
  • Sean Tomlinson 3y

    T Tommy T Oh man Tommy, cheers for that. Do you have any other goddesses hidden away that can make me feel even more inadequate? My statement stands, though, it's a great shot and a very attractive girl
  • Justlooking91~off and on 3y inviting the blue, blue clear water!!
  • Marcel van Hilten 3y

  • Darion Luces 2y

    great color!
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