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Dream of Rain | by Clarrissa Grey
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Dream of Rain

Long long ago, before the Indian Sub-continent crashed into Southern Asia, there were no Himalayan Mountains. Since they rose so high that they could actually cause the jet stream to bend, they now cause the variety of weather, seasons, and relatively mild climate that we are more familiar with today. Sometime later, before men kept track of such things, I am told that the area we now call the Sahara Desert was heavily forested and full of life. Then came men. When the famous Viking, Eric the Red, sailed the North Atlantic he discovered a previously unknown land which he called Greenland. For most of the time since then, it has had a reputation as a very cold land featuring mostly glaciers. Some things change because of the choices of men, some change because there are things beyond our control. Things change but not always for the worse. I have hope. I stand here on the edge of the Namib Desert in the famous abandoned diamond-mining town of Kolmannskuppe and "Dream of Rain".






Must visit this beautiful place: Kolmannskuppe



(My apologies for this attempt at Landscape photography ♥)



Stay safe everyone! ♥🙏




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Uploaded on April 25, 2020