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    The Passport was not needed when we crossed from Belgium to France. The highway narrowed and people slowed slightly as we drove through what used to be a crossing checkpoint.

    Updated 2012/05/29: Renewed passports for kids and wife today. We went downtown to Seattle to the Passport Authority on 5th and Yesler. I didn't realize you can go into any Post Office to renew or get passports for kids. Could have saved on the automatic expediting fee they tag on when you go to the Passport Authority.

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    1. Dugfresh 108 months ago | reply

      I need to get mine updated soon.

    2. wmliu 108 months ago | reply

      the so-called 15 Schengen countries have an agreement to have a common visa territory. Belgium and France are both Schengen states.

      funny that the last time i flew into France, they didn't even stamp my (US) passport, and on the way out, they didn't even open the passport -- border control just saw the passport in my hand and let me pass. on the other hand, other European countries (Germany for example) stamp passports religiously.

    3. clappstar 108 months ago | reply

      wmliu-the Schengen states really threw me for a loop when I was applying for visas. I couldn't figure out if that was a European term for the US or what. Luckily, I turned to wikipedia to learn some of the details you mentioned. When we arrived in the airport in Belgium I was expecting lots of questions and potential hastle. But all they did in Belgium was open up to the first stamp page and place their stamp. It seemed that they barely scrutinized our photos. I think it is tougher to get from the US to Canada. They always ask a million probing questions at the border south of Vancouver.

    4. Dugfresh 108 months ago | reply

      The last two times I went to Vancouver via US I forgot all of my ID.. Everything.. I got a bunch of questions which eventually ended up with 'what was the name of the hospital you were born in' ???? HUH???? I didn't know the answer.. so they let me thru..

      But I've had lots of experience getting past borders with contraband and other various things.

    5. NowPublic 100 months ago | reply

      This photograph appears in a NowPublic news story: Plan to Travel? Required Passport Rule Fast Approaching.

    6. caitlynmiller 67 months ago | reply

      Just to let you know, we've used this photo in a career guide for our college.

    7. Rooted Nomad 63 months ago | reply

      Thanks for posting this great photo! I never knew finding an image of a US passport would be so difficult. I've included in a post at: Thank you!

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